Add two-week review to EIP process [MERGEABLE]

At present, we have on the table: which adds a two-week review process to finalize an EIP. There is consensus on this issue. Unfortunately it also includes other contentious items, such as allowing something to become final if only one implementation exists. (DISCUSSION OF ONE-IMPLEMENTATION RULE IS OFF TOPIC IN THIS THREAD.)

The one-implementation rule is a great debate and we should have it. But right now the more important issue is that PRESENTLY THE EIP PROCESS IS BROKEN AND WE HAVE NO WAY TO ACCEPT EIPS. Specifically, the current process requires Core Dev approval and the Core Dev just updated their process to clarify they will not adjudicate ERCs.

Presently, ERC-721 is widely recognized as a standard that is ready to move forward. And it is widely recognized that the TWO WEEK REVIEW is the next step.

I have distilled /#956 for only the two-week review part. This is at

Please, let’s merge #1100 quickly, enter #721 into that process (PR is ready, #1101), and then continue to debate remaining improvements.