Active Banking Project - P2P Lending

Hello Everybody,

Davide from Berlin here. I am a creative director with experience in multimedia communication.
I wrote this concept inspired by an experience volunteering at Tunapanda Institute in Kibera, Nairobi. The project aims at building a P2P landing platform running on ethereum to support individuals and communities in developing countries by granting them access to financial opportunties and a tokenised reputation system. I am completely independent and my only interest with regard to this initiative is to reach out to who could highly benefit from this- especially individuals and communities in developing countries.

As I am not a developer (or know any); I am not backed by any institution; and I am definitely not rich - I am facing obvious limitations to move out of concept phase. After talking to Ken from ETH Foundation who told me about The Fellowship- I thought about getting in touch with you directly to see if there’s anybody out there kind enough to give me feedback on this.

I apologise in advance for my lack of tech literacy and I sincerely hope to hear from some of you soon.



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Thank you for posting @dbernardis! Could you please update your post and summarize your PDF as best as you can?

Many people will not click on the link without more information, so a summary will help.

Thanks! Just edited a short description in the post

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