A project fundraising (token swap) scheme

  1. The project party create a fundraising project, which include start time, stop time, selling token, raising token and project details and promise.
  2. The investor invests in the project through streaming money. Through streaming money, a two-way stream is established between the project party and the investors. For each second from start to finish, the project and the investors have a stream balance that changes over time for both the selling token and the raising token, which is equivalent to the linear unlocking of tokens from the start to finish.
  3. The stream balance of raising Token by the project party can be withdrawn and used after the investors have voted, and each withdrawal of the token shall not exceed the stream balance over the time. Investors vote with the stream balance, and the current time stream balance is the voting weight. The reasons are as follows:
    When the fundraising price is higher than the secondary market price, some investors will choose the withdrawal stream balance for cash out. When the fundraising price is less than the secondary market price, the stream balance represents the degree of loss of investors at the moment. The stream balance can show investors’ concern about the project to a certain extent.
  4. Investors are free to withdraw stream balance and cancel the stream, and obtain the current stream balance (include selling token and raising token) at the time of cancel stream. When investors cancel the stream, the rate of the project stream will decrease.
  5. In order to avoid unrealized project promise and abuse of funds by the project party. Investors can apply for arbitration through the arbitration machine, and if the project party is loss, they will pay a fine and be given a period to change. If the violation is found again, the fine will be doubled the first time and change for a period. If have the three violation, the fundraising project is canceled. The investors may return the current stream balance, and the project raising token stream balance will be distributed to the investor in proportion. During the arbitration period and change period, the project party cannot carry out the withdrawal function.