0$ services through DeFi?

Basically the idea is that, say I really love the articles Sassano write, but to get his weekly content subscription, I will need lock 400 DAI into his pool for a period of time. This DAI will generate 10-15% ish APR so he will get maybe a bit more than 40-60$ in a year or about, 10-15$ in 3 month. That interest generated will go to Sassano as the subscription fee, and you will get his content in return. And because you never lost any DAI, as you can withdrawal after a specified period, so you essentially subscribed to a service for free.

Other ideas include 0$ ICOs, basically a ICO done by investors staking DAI into the pool, and the interest generated by each user is given to the team, and the team will distribute their own token back to the users depending how much interest was generated by their own size of pool they contributed.
If say a team manage to obtain 4 million DAI staked, they will be able to obtain 200,000$ in 6 month. This is probably not enough money for a big team, but seems underexplored.

these are just idea extensions after the no loss lottery, im probably not the first one to mention stuff like this.

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