Wiki: Gathering of Security Community


would like to attend incase there are any spots remaining . cheers


I’ll be there. Niran Babalola (ConsenSys Diligence)


If possible, please add us as well:

E.G. Galano (Infura)
Daniela Osorio (Infura)


At this time our list is definitely closed. Those above this comment we are hoping to include, but no one further will be able to attend our event as we will already be beyond capacity.

Also, if you have already put yourself on the list but are unable to come, we would appreciate it if you could let me know (either PM or here) and I can take your name off the list. We would really appreciate it so we can make sure we know the logistics of the event the best we can!


Note: everyone above was added. Please check the list to make sure you can still attend, and message me if you cannot.


i understand the gathering is at capacity, but please keep me in mind should a spot open up

wil barnes,


@fubuloubu Hello Bryant.
I am kindly asking you to please “keep me in mind” and add me to the list of attendess if someone will be off the list. I have already bought tickets to Berlin. Will be very happy to attend this conference!

Anton Akentev

Thank you!


I apologize, but at this point we are definitely unable to take further attendees and there will be no waiting list as we are beyond capacity. I definitely appreciate the enthusiasm however.

We hope you are able to join us at DevCon, where we are working on similar workshops during the 4 day long event. We will be able to include many more people in these events and hope you will be able to join us so that we can work with you to make Ethereum’s security the best it can be!


Thx for the reply @fubuloubu!

Ok, will still wait )) There is always hope and non-zero chance! My bad, i haven’t seen the invitation a bit earlier.


I’m not going to be there in September, but could we do one before the Web3 Summit in October as well?

I’ll also be in Toronto all next week in case anyone wants to talk security and consensus protocols



I should be there, looking forward to this!


Yes. One of the workshops we will be discussing involves enabling others to run their own events a la FEM-style playbook tailored to our community.


I also would like to attend


Hi I would also like to attend :slight_smile:


My apologies, we simply cannot fit any more attendees.

If you are attending or will be around for DevCon, there will be more events for you to attend.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience


@fubuloubu - Bryant, in terms of the “day-of”, do we need to bring a ticket of sorts or should we simply arrive at the venue with an ID? Thanks!


There will be a check-in desk with your name tags on it where someone will check you in. IDs would help.


@fubuloubu- thanks for the quick response!


Would like to attend if you find a bigger venue.


Venue is locked in. My apologies.