Why isn't there an ERC for `safeTransfer` for ERC20?

I’ve been wondering why there isn’t an ERC for adding supportsInterface, safeTransfer, and safeTransferFrom to ERC20 (along with an ERC2Receiver, a la ERC721 and 1155) - it seems like pretty low-hanging fruit. Just putting EIP-165 into ERC20 seems like a decent idea, it would be a nice building block for other ERC20 extensions to be able to build on, opening up the path for interfaceIds for governance tokens, staking tokens, or whatever.

In addition, adding safeTransfer to ERC20 shouldn’t make any backwards compatibility issues, as transfer and transferFrom would still exist, meaning smart contract wallets and the like wouldn’t be bricked by it.

I see that EIP-1363 went down a similar path, but didn’t use the same naming conventions in ways that I think are meaningful, and also adds additional functionality around approvals with callbacks that imho would be better handled with EIP-2612 or EIP-3009.

Is there a good reason not to do this?

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I’ve opened this as an EIP here. I think 165 is an easy improvement to ERC20, and am still very much interested in feedback!