Who would like to participate or be a contact for the Meta Ring?

A key discussion about Meta Ring was started by @wschwab: Otherhoods: Some Thoughts After the Meta Ring

Many of us who participated in the Meta Ring in Prague are likely to want to continue the work. This thread is to formally begin a Ring around how the Magicians can self-organize.

Please post here if you’d like to be a contact person or organizer for the Meta Ring. Contacts are listed in the wiki page for each Ring.

Many of us involved in the Magicians would like to monitor the proceedings of Meta Ring as well; after all, this is where many of the processes for resource management will be formed. Findings from this Ring will be very applicable in other Rings as they self-organize! This means that communication from the Meta Ring will be an important process and the group will need someone to take responsibility for that.

Lastly, definitely post any thoughts about what you’d like the Meta Ring to work on. These can be listed in the wiki page.

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Also I am wondering if “Meta Ring” is the best name for what we’re doing here. Now is the time to think about it.

I bring this up because I saw in a different Ring formation the use of key principles/methods in the term for the initiative.

In “Meta Ring” the problem may be vagueness. A better term may be “Organization Ring” (of course ironic as we often refer to un-organization or dis-organization).


I think “Meta Magicians” is just another fun name, which is meant to be very broad. It’s using Magicians to talk about Magicians.

I already did post the notes:

As I have signaled elsewhere, there are a number of real, actionable items that need to get done. I intend to move some of them into Github issues, and of course everyone is welcome to do the same.

Meta comment in the meta-magicians thread: I really think we need at least two humans for each ring who are first point of contacts / organizers. For rings / breakout sessions at council, we ended up having difficulty finding out who this was!

Site feedback may still be useful for forum-specific feedback. There are meta-magicians topics in there now, tagged as such.

And yes, please do include me as a contact. I don’t need to be an organizer (not sure if we are listing this somehow separately?) but I do intend to participate in the topic.


@jpitts I’m in. I don’t have much guidance about how this is going to work, but I’m happy to pitch in.


@jpitts, I would love to be involved however possible :slight_smile:

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