When does contentious review happen in Core EIPs?



I agree pretty strongly with this. We need workable governance. I made a proposal for one way to do that here:

@AlexeyAkhunov raises a very valid point that anyone in the decision maker’s seat is potentially opening themselves up to legal liability. So I think we also need to work closely with legal counsel to make sure we have institutional structures in place to protect the decision makers.

I’m not sure I agree with this, and in any case, we should get some legal opinions here. In my opinion it’s less about decentralization (which was more of an issue with the SEC weighing on whether ETH was a security) and more about making sure we have the right legal structures and protections.

We have at least two resources we can turn to in order to figure this out. One is EF, the other is COALA. I’ll begin a dialog on this question with both. Frankly I’m not sure the Magicians is the right forum to discuss legal questions. But I want to include others in the conversation, so we should figure out which forum is the right one.


I think organizing stakeholders in a heirarchical way is an effective balance between up-front decision making and “the veil of decentralization”. It is anonymity in a group, you identify with particular group(s) of stakeholders and (if that group is sufficiently large) you can’t be held personally accountable for the decisions of the group (as long as your decision is not broadcasted).

Treeing up to an organizing layer like the Magicians (organized through Rings) would be an effective way to funnel this conversation from it’s most broad to narrow enough to advise Core Devs on the implementation of a proposal.

That, or we just go full politics and elect a rotating body of “trusted community members” at a 1 year interval to advise the Core Devs of community sentiment in any contentious decision. Very similar to @AFDudley’s quip about political whips.