What stakeholder group do you feel you represent?

Maybe the problem isn’t that we are the nerds, maybe the problem is the perception that only nerds are allowed (probably due to the name). We could change the name, but that might confuse the brand that was built so far.

Maybe those non-nerds out there can simply embrace that they’re really nerds on the inside about non-technical things like economics, finance, law, social interactions, etc. Ethereum is about the nerdiest thing you can care passionately about as has ever existed.

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I do not think I represent anyone. But I am happy for anyone to think I represent them, though I am only accountable to myself.

Regarding this Forum, and EthMagicians in general. It is one of the useful places to have discussions, technical or not. Though, as with any other big places, it feels like it only has one lobby, and it creates the first impression.

Ideally, what you would want is for people to be able to start discussions spontaneously, attract enough people, and then gradually structure them into movements and sub-movements. We are not there yet technologically and financially. Perhaps something like virtual reality combined with instant conferencing abilities would work, but it requires lots of work and money. So far we have a web site and a few volunteers that are trying to host discussions. We should be grateful to them.