Trust minimized proxy

The proxy does not upgrade logic suddenly. Instead, it sets nextLogic and keeps it for a month.

bytes32 internal constant NEXT_LOGIC_SLOT = 0xb182d207b11df9fb38eec1e3fe4966cf344774ba58fb0e9d88ea35ad46f3601e; // eip1984.proxy.nextLogic
bytes32 internal constant NEXT_LOGIC_BLOCK_SLOT = 0x96de003e85302815fe026bddb9630a50a1d4dc51c5c355def172204c3fd1c733; // eip1984.proxy.nextLogicBlock

Until chain reaches the block defined in NEXT_LOGIC_BLOCK_SLOT, nextLogic can be reviewed and cancelled, and in case if developers or governance being malicious, it allows investors to safely exit before a malicious upgrade.
Also, there is an optional DEADLINE_SLOT, a block after which it becomes impossible to upgrade the contract.

bytes32 internal constant DEADLINE_SLOT = 0xb124b82d2ac46ebdb08de751ebc55102cc7325d133e09c1f1c25014e20b979ad; // eip1984.proxy.deadline

Value stored in PROPOSE_BLOCK_SLOT defines when setting nextLogic again will become possible and the period can be prolonged with prolongLock(): for example, if there is no upgrade planned anytime soon, next upgradeBlock can be set so that it will only be possible to upgrade the contract again after a year passes. This creates investors piece of mind, as they won’t be required to audit the code every single month.

bytes32 internal constant PROPOSE_BLOCK_SLOT = 0xbc9d35b69e82e85049be70f91154051f5e20e574471195334bde02d1a9974c90; // eip1984.proxy.proposeBlock

Meta comment: EIP/ERC number are not selected at random. They are issue/pr numbers from the repo. 1984 is already the identifier of this PR: You might like this number, but please, open an issue or PR, follow the expected format, and use the number you get.

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