Thread to begin discussing "Ethereum 1.0" proposals



A group of individuals has been meeting to discuss “Ethereum 1.0”. This group may be seen as All Core Devs, but its composition seems to be not fully representative and includes other stakeholders not generally associated with All Core Devs. For now, I will call this particular initiative “Ethereum 1.x”.

The existence of this group has been known to a number of people in the community who chose not to participate (I will soon write up details in a disclosure). Ethereum 1.x now has been more or less officially confirmed by participants on today’s All Core Devs call #50.

Unofficial “leaked” notes from the Ethereum 1.x proceedings:

CoinDesk article by @rachel-rose:


Epic breakdown of Ethereum 1.x by @cdetrio:


This is a bad bind for low-level development. It’s difficult to build wide consensus around a proposal that hasn’t been implemented, but difficult-to-impossible to implement such a proposal without financial support.