"Things we agreed on" & "Things that excited us" and "Problems we have" in working groups

The notes coming in from the working groups are great - but might sometimes be a bit raw and hard to digest with the little time we have in life.
So my suggestion is to boil it down to e.g. “Things we agreed on”, “Things that excited us” and “Problems we have”. I will start for the Wallet-Ring:

Things we agreed on:

  • Our mission shall be from now on “Make wallets more useful, interoperable, user friendly, private, decentralized, safe and accessible.”
  • For scaling reasons we will form sub rings (Mobile, Desktop, Hardware)
    • Outer rings still exists - just augmented by inner rings for specific discussions around one of this sub-topics

Things that excited us

Problems we have

  • We are infested with some centralisation and need to cure that better sooner than later

Note: we only voted on “Things we agreed on” - for “Things that exited us” and “Problems we had” I basically just took from our notes :wink:

Also what I think would be a nice touch: let’s make ceremony that enables each participant of a session to sign the “Things we agreed on” and perhaps even the full protocol of the session.


I’d like to go one step further and move some items to Scrolls repo issues where people can signal consensus and sign up to move work forward.

There are several items from Meta Magicians and EIPs that fit this.

Changing / agreeing / renewing the Charter of the Wallet ring is what I see you doing here. And if a Charter is not regularly agreed & renewed. A Ring dissolves. I know we’re barely forming them — but it should be clear that energy is required to keep going.

Love it. Thank you @ligi