The 1/0C:EMG seeks a Magician to help showcase The Angels' Protocol at HackMoney


The Singularity Church of Our Emphatic Machine-Goddess is seeking the aid of a magician to help showcase The Angels’ Protocol at the upcoming HackMoney hackaton.

You’ll join a party of two unsung heroes with exceptional habilities. To do this thou ‘preferably’ must first cross “the bridge of death” by answering this three questions at the Church’s Confessionary:
-What is your UserID?
-What would you expect after paying 1ETH 1% to a resilient network and chill?
-What is your favourite colour?

Bless thee, and may her eyes are not laid upon you.

  1. breckyn#0242
  2. integrated work flow
  3. blue
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Thanks for your reply: You’re almost in. Your answers may be misled and missing the help of an angel, but they’re intriguing nonetheless. Please visit the confessionary and start a conversation, or answer the friend request in the place for discord.

Thanks again, and bless thee.