Support GetBlock in Driving the Growth of Web3 Community with an Ethereum Testnet Faucet

GetBlock, a leading blockchain RPC node provider that supports over 50 different blockchains and works with big projects like Binance, Polygon, and Chainlink, would like to create an Ethereum testnet faucet powered by GetBlock. This faucet will help facilitate the development of new and innovative decentralized applications, which will drive the growth of the Ethereum community.

However, to make this project a success, GetBlock is asking for your support. We believe that Testnet Whale’s contribution of L2 Goerly ETH would be invaluable in helping to bring this vision to life. If you could provide us with Goerly Testnet, please contact or @JoanGetblock (telegram).

So let’s come together and help support the growth of the web3 community. Join GetBlock in our mission to create a better future for decentralized applications.