Suggested structure for each Working Group session

Please use this format so that each working group can find its mission and follow through on that mission.

Initialize the work session

  • who champions this work?
  • who can facilitate the discussion? (please review How)
  • who can take notes? (please link to resources in a new thread on the Forum)

Describe what this group is focusing on

Take action by answering 6 questions

  • who are the stakeholders? (be specific)
  • what are the top concerns of the stakeholders?
  • how do we coordinate action?
  • how do we document?
  • how do we prototype?
  • what are the next actions?

Update the thread’s first post with the above information

  • add links to artifacts (Google Docs, HackMD pages, Telegram rooms, etc)
  • the notes-taker can present this at the end-of-day

I made a photo album of the topics for archiving:


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