Standards work throughout the community

Standards are being created throughout the Ethereum community…

Ethereum EIPs -

AllCoreDevs - no website

Ethereum Research -

Web3 Foundation -

Ethereum Interfaces -

DevP2P Specification -

EEA working groups -
Website is members-only, but working groups include:

  • “communications protocols”
  • “integration and tools”
  • “standards”
  • “digital identity”

Updated the above with “DevP2P Specification”.

I’m part of an effort working on more clear and comprehensive software engineering guidelines for smart contract engineers. The working title is SecurEth:

Definitely a work in progress, but we’re collobrating with major auditing firms and developers in the space, leveraging some of our experience in Aerospace with the DO-178 risk assessment guidelines that we have a collective 30+ years experience with.

Honestly might be premature sharing this, but I think it’s important work.

Here’s another one:

Note that at present this only applies to the ewasm work being done by the EF ewasm team, and not to the work being done by Parity, Dfinity, or others–although we’re not far apart.