Shanghai-candidate: EIP-4844

EIP-4844 introduces Shard Blob Transactions.

We happen to have an ACD call today, on the 15th just after the Merge, with Shanghai planning on the agenda.

Now although the Merge upgrade has been delivered, and we all need a break after this great effort, I think scaling (through data blobs or otherwise) should still be a primary focus in the next upgrade of ethereum.

So this post is maybe more of a request for everyone involved in EIP planning: can we take sufficient time with exploration before committing to the final EIP set?

EIP-4844 may have been in draft mode, but still has gathered a lot of traction while core devs were focused on the Merge.

To name a few:

  • Great progress has been made with the KZG ceremony specs and implementation
  • Specs for both EL (EIP) and CL (consensus-specs) are complete enough for implementation.
  • The EIP has been presented at many large conferences/hackathons/workshops: Denver, Paris, and Berlin this week.
  • There are fully working forks of Go-ethereum and Prysm to inform the EIP design: performance bottlenecks, network-layer concerns, etc.
  • Public testnets are here, with a focus on interop work and soon testing the updated transaction fee spec.