Proposed gathering of the Security community

It would definitely be interesting to hear about the development experience of a few developers of complex applications. We may not want to dive too deep into cryptoeconomic security mechanisms, but would totally be interested in hearing about on-chain vs. off-chain security and the different problems you face with both.

Arash from New Alchemy here. My team and I can definitely contribute to this event. Similar to others, can’t provide much organizational/logistics help, but happy to engage in developing the agenda and discussion topics.

I would also be interested in discussing security of standard frameworks that exist out there, cryptographic assessment and game theory analysis as well as key management.

I’d like to propose we leave cryptoeconomic assessment mostly out of the discussion. It does play a role in the overall security discussion, but analysis of economic mechanisms outside of driving security is out of scope in my opinion.

Hey :wave:
Philip from Brickblock here. We’re currently undergoing an audit of a relatively complex smart contract system.

We’d be happy to pitch in some resources, be it financial or other. Let me know what we can do to help.

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Excellent, we need developer participation also so this is awesome. As for assistance we will know more in the coming weeks as we put things together. Looking forward to seeing you. We will be in touch

@mariapaulafn I was hoping that we could present a summary of this event to those in attendance at ETH Berlin at a talk given during the event. There is a lot of interest to attend, but we would like to focus this event for more invested individuals and teams. I think giving a presentation would allow others to learn about what we discovered after we’ve had a chance to digest our findings for the wider community.

We would then suggest that those who do not currently work full-time either on smart contract development or as smart contract auditors consider attending that session so we can save more space for these parties and create a high level of discussion. I hate to suggest exclusivity, but I think the right audience for this gathering is critical to it’s success.

What do you all think?

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Hi, we are taking speaker submissions at the moment for ETHBerlin, this event is something separate of course.
Who you decide to invite is up to you, I am just facilitating resources and organization. I am a big fan of inclusion, hence never a supporter of exclusivity, but I will not put any restrictions as I respect your POV.

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:Grigore from Runtime Verification (RV) here. We would also like to participate in this event. We do formal verification of smart contracts; see our approach here: This is also the approach we are following to verify Casper, as part of this grant: We can give a presentation about formal verification in general and about our approach in particular.


All, it is imperative we choose a date ASAP so we can reserve the venue which may be available at very low cost!! I was thinking Thursday 6 Sept, the day before EthBerlin. Someone mentioned 5 Sept also. Comments?

The learning from previously is — pick a date, everyone will then attend or not :wink:

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Then this event will take place on Sept 6. I will now 100% the Full Node space.

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Grigore - you are 100% on topic and that would be great to hear about! This would be very helpful. Looking forward to seeing you.

@mariapaulafn are we a go for using Full Node on Thursday Sept 6th from 0800-1800?

What is the AV situation there?

Yesterday was a holiday in Germany so I sent the email request. I had pitched it before and they liked the idea.
No worries about AV both rooms will be fully stocked with new equipment, the build finishes in 2 weeks. They are really bringing in the best equipment.

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Awesome! Do we need any people to operate the equipment? I would like to video it like we did with the UXunconf, that was very handy to refer others to and for myself to look at what happened or what I missed.

It’s been mentioned a few times already, but to put more emphasis, I would prefer if discussions were favored instead of presentations, or at least on par. For example, 15 minutes presentation with 15 minutes Q&A / discussion.


Hi, Alexander Remie, solidity developer from here. Been seriously interested in smart contract security ever since I rolled into the blockchain space. Done some smart contract security reviews and created 2 open-source npm modules (solhydra + soljitsu) to ease some of the smart-contract-reviewing-pains :robot:

I will attend

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Phillipe, I have changed format 2 where we can have 8-10 presentations with more time for discussion. We have 8 hours of active time. At 30 minutes per pres and discussion we can have 16, at 45 minutes we can have 10. Lets get some more comments to firm things up

Those are fantastic tools! Thanks for creating them!

Looking forward to seeing you at the event!

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Is that the proof of time project?

For me personally, really interested in the cross between zk and smart contracts (stuff Christian from truebit worked on a while ago), also truebit