Otherhoods: Some Thoughts After the Meta Ring

“Magi” as short synonym to “Ethereum Technologists” will create confusion at least among newbies, IMHO.

I think we misunderstand each other. Jamie and I founded “The Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians.” It would take consensus to change that as our actual name. I’m just talking about the various alternatives, abbreviations, acronyms, and descriptions we use for various purposes. My only big preferences are “nonorganization” over “dis-” and “un-”, due to fewer bad connotations. And “technologists” over “engineers” due to greater inclusiveness and prior use in our principles.


Non-Organization and NonOrg as the short form is my favorite too (as a general term).
Not least because UN.org is already taken.

In context of FEM, I am fine with “Ethereum Technologists”. But still thinking about the short name and differentiating to ethresear.ch, which is more scientific than FEM in my eyes.

Yes, I know. Non.org is taken as a domain, but in common perception the term is free, IMHO.
UN.org is taken both as domain and as the term by very well-known org UN

I hadn’t seen it before I looked just now. No idea who they are, but the picture sort of fits us :wink:

And of course, we really are an organization of sorts–but are stretching the language to make a point, as are other decentralized organizations in disparate fields. A friend who is a psychologist and management consultant says simply, “An organization is a community with a mission.”

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Oh I agree with you that a week isn’t terribly long either – it’s more about me thinking about a way of designing it so it meets multiple goals.

The 2 day council meets a broader set of goals, and the work week gets us the minimum we need.

It also establishes the Council + work week as a time slot in the middle of the year that ISN’T squashed right next to other annual events (currently).

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This could be. I was trying to look at the future, especially of the fund management. I feel that decentralization needs current reaffirmation - things tend to clump together over time, and this is a concentrated effort to sort of keep the chaos.

The problem lies in funds being inevitable. This isn’t a question of to money or not to money, it’s a question of how money. I agree that central fund management is centralization, so I’m proposing that it be so to speak cut-off the funds from the organization. Any funds can be handled arbitrarily by whomever holds them, so they have nothing to do with the consensus of the larger Magicians.

I was a bit carried away when I referred to a rebranding. I meant it more to convey an idea than to actually propose that the actually to change the name. I think this is really true of a lot of the branding conversations, though. Discussions, including my own, about nomenclature are slightly theoretical, as the rough consensus of what people are actually calling things will ultimately decide.

I think the idea of smaller meetups with a meta meetup is a great smashing idea. I want to start a thread about ideas how to proceed with local-level involvement, but I’m not sure when I’ll get to it.

do you mean that either the sponsor keep funds and pays for FEM expenses or select someone inside FEM and give funds to the person?

I mean no rules, or perhaps a modified Golden Rule: whomsoever has funds decides what to do with them.

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An idea: Straddle a weekend, with the main 2-day Council on Saturday/Sunday, but work space available for a week. People who can afford more time spend more time. People with little time can come for the weekend only.