Opcode repricing



This is the discussion for an EIP to reprice certain opcodes (BALANCE, SLOAD) and optionally introduce a new opcode for the next hardfork.

  • Readable version in my fork, (which will become updated as I push changes): here
  • Link to the PR


I assume the reason for these opcodes getting more expensive is that the state tree grows and thus they have to traverse more nodes to find the value. If this assumption is correct would it mean that the opcodes gas cost has to be increased on a periodical basis or do you suggest to overprice it to ensure that their is a big enough buffer to account for future increases?


Some trivial fixes: https://github.com/holiman/EIPs/pull/1


Yes, very likely. However, the rate of that repricing is difficult to tell, since there are other initiatives aimed at slowing down or reversing the state growth for the 1.x. The suggested number should last for a while, but I can’t really say how long.