New Token is called ERC25

I have an idea to make a new token that is called ERC25.
But I don’t know how to do it.
I hope to do it successfully.
I haven’t any solution how to begin and how to make progress.
I want to know whether it is possible and if so, where should I begin.
Are there ERC tokens in core-go Ethereum code.
If yes, where are there.
My token protocol is following.

Ethereum Core Protocol.

on token creation, the expiration is set to 600 for example.
When block 600 is created, baked EVM code (or validator, whichever method is used) will review the ‘deposit’ field.
if there is sufficient balance in the ‘deposit’ field. That amount is subtracted, and the expiration is increased by X (in this case, 100) to 700. And that is all.
at block 501, if clients see the token still with ‘expiration’ of 500 which has passed. it knows it is safe to ‘purge’ the data field from the local blockchain.
EVM has a similar function to this ‘purge’ called selfdestruct()

Since it requires use of Eth2 cod, “regular mining” for a test network would not work. You will have to set up an Eth2 test network."
if a user makes an ERC-25 contract to create the mutable data tokens, i am not sure if it is possible to have an optional field for the token creation side on placing the deposit amount.

I think that would be too hard and too much work

So once a user makes the contract, and goes to make a data token.

After it is made;

We will have a special functions for all ERC-25 fungible data tokens.

  1. Deposit()
    any address can send funds into the deposit field. (the network will return any amount over the MAX DEPOSIT) [ MAX DEPOSIT = 2x STORAGE COST
  2. Update()
    the owner of the token make submit the Update() function and replace the data in the token. (This is how we make it mutable)
  3. Destroy()
    The owner of the token may submit to destroy() function. Any amount in DEPOSIT is sent to the owner and the EXPIRATION is set to the current block (if accepted)
    You should submit the daily report and also provide me the weekly report using excel file on Friday/Saturday.
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