Meta: we should value privacy more



I suggest back-burning all but the simplest privacy initiatives until we’ve solved our problems. Ethereum is already such disruptive technology. And private disruptive tech is even more dangerous.

I can see where you’re coming from, though OTOH non-private disruptive tech is also dangerous (see: recent Facebook scandals etc etc). What we’re suggesting here isn’t full-scale ZEXE, it’s just the minimal simplest level of unlinking needed to ensure that all of a user’s activities, particularly non-financial ones, can’t be trivially publicly linked to each other.


We can travel these roads, but we should tread lightly. In the privacy game, let Zcash and Monero run out ahead. After seeing what false steps they make (and I’m confident there will be at least one), we will then be able to step much more artfully in those pro-privacy directions.

However, my advice is not to frame Ethereum as “privacy technology”, but as “transparency technology”. And then only afterwards start nudging toward privacy technology.


I don’t think we should lose focus on privacy. At least go for the low hanging fruit as @vbuterin said. Has anyone considered building a separate WASM with cryptographic technologies from the ground up? These could be delegated special nodes forming a layer 2 MPC style protocol. Thoughts?