Linux Foundation mailing list for ethereum-devs


Anyone know someone from the Linux Foundation or can help set up a mailing list for ethereum-devs that’s like bitcoin-devs ( and ?



I have gone ahead and emailed the info@ email address to get started. I can also email Brian Behlendorf from Hyperledger which is at Linux Foundation who can likely help.


Also, as I’ve said elsewhere, another solution would be to have this forum and/or EthResearch enabled in Mailing List mode.

There is relevant info here about Discourse vs Mailing lists, including a bit of info about Mailing List mode -->

I have requested that feature here for EthMagicians too. It is, in fact, issue 1 :slight_smile:

I know @lrettig has grave concerns about further dilution of messaging. I saw @cdili organize the Stanford meeting with manually cc’ing 60 people, which doesn’t seem ideal either.

Consider this a research and discussion thread.