Increasing Crypto Market Liquidity with a Market Maker Smart Contract

Hi guys,
this is my first post and I’d like just to share the following idea


  • we all know the financial aspects of cryptocurrencies are important to make them work properly
  • for example in a PoW based consensus scenario, if crypto price gets too low for too long the miners would be hit economically as it mining would become unprofitable so they would eventually quit mining for that specific crypto making it more vulnerable to 51% attacks
  • this a structural, unavoidable issue related to PoW systems

Financial Workaround : Market Maker

  • improving market liquidity could be a way to make the price more stable over time so to “guarantee” miners (in PoW scenario) a fair reward over time
  • what about achieving this by implementing a “Market Maker Smart Contract” which autonomously trade according to some “Market Maker Policy” ?