IETF 105 - EIP process - Request for Conversation

Hi all Ethereum Magicians,

I’ve been talking about EIP process with @tintinweb for a while, mainly on the security consideration requirements. Also I have been passively reading on EntEthAlliance, OASIS progress, and other similar initiatives. I applied for a HotRFC ( session in IETF 105 Montreal meeting and got in.

The session will only be for 4 minutes intro talk and hopefully get some interest to get IETF participants to discuss further on this subject in a side meeting (BarBof). I would like to get as much feedback as possible before this talk, mainly on what aspects of the EIP process could use input from IETF giants. But feel free to comment on anything related here.

Here’s our proposal:

11. Democratic Improvement Proposals for decentralization projects

Shayan Eskandari

Blockchain and DLT* based systems are waiting in the wings to join the
potpourri of core technology that makes up our future digital
lives. Both core internet infrastructure technology and many DLT
solutions have one thing in common: They are developed with a diverse
open source developer community and carry significant security
risk. To manage software change related risks both Bitcoin and
Ethereum - the second ranked cryptocurrency market - have derived
their own process of managing change proposals. For Ethereum changes
are discussed and agreed upon in the Ethereum Improvement Proposal
(EIP) process. However given the non-hierarchy management model, there
have been many approaches and obstacles to make this process as close
to a democratic procedure as possible. It is working, but far from
perfect and there are many good approaches and lessons learnt. EIP
requires input from experts at IETF to shape up and standardize.

This proposal is to introduce the EIP process to IETF participants and
possibly spring up a BarBof session. For now please feel free to email
us to discuss this further, we will create a mailing list when the
scope is more defined.

Shayan Eskandari:
Martin Ortner:

Previous discussions regarding Security in EIP process:

* Distributed Ledger Technology
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You can find the slides for this talk at IETF 105 Montreal here: