[IDEA] On-chain UI

Currently, DApps are standard websites that happen to have some of their logic in ethereum or other chains. It would be nice if DApps instead contained all their functionality (including user interface) on-chain.

This ERC would provide a framework to create a set of components (like navbars, modals, forms, and links, which would be standardized in a subsequent ERC) that would allow for a wide variety of user-interfaces. This ERC would also provide a mechanism for DApps to request to create their own components.

With ERC-4834 - Hierarchical Domains Standard by Pandapip1 · Pull Request #4835 · ethereum/EIPs · GitHub, the DApp’s contract address could be resolved with a human-readable name. This would mean that interacting with fully on-chain DApps wouldn’t be significantly different than using a web browser, except that the applications are now fully on-chain, and accessibility is improved due to the fact that all websites now use a common set of components (which could potentially be customized by the user).

There is an implementation of this idea on NEAR:


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