Forming a Ring of Ethereum Architects


I have started a new topic about Roadmap for Ethereum Architects. Please place your ideas there.


Will there be a Ring formation discussion for this ring at the FEM Council in Prague?

I think this would be a VERY important one to discuss, perhaps along the lines of the Meta discussion as well.


Yes, it makes sense!

As part of EAs roadmap (EIP tagging), I am currently working on detailed specification of decentralized tagging. Which should be applicable to EIPs, but also should have sense a stand-alone project as well. There is a good progress there, but it is more difficult than I thought initially. So looks like I will be able to present a preliminary report, but not a complete implementation.

Anyway I have two topics to present already:

  • General presentations of the Ring of EAs as part of Meta discussion. Most ideas were already posted, but they need to be discussed.
  • Decentralized tagging of EIPs as part of EA’s Roadmap.

What formal steps from me are necessary to make it happen?