FEM Development Tools Ring Meeting 2019

Hey all, it was such a pleasure hosting the Development tooling ring at this year’s Berlin Blockchain week.

It has been precisely nine days since we all got together to discuss the Etheruem/Web3 ecosystem and the tooling around it.

Before sharing the notes, I’ll try to convey what was the form of the meeting, who came to the meeting, and what we tried to accomplish.

Form of the meeting

We organized the meeting in such a way that open discussion can happen. We started going in a circle, answering specific questions, but the discussions naturally moved into different directions.

First off, we started with the question of how everyone got into Blockchain. After, we continued with what are some of the pain points in the ecosystem. Finally, we did a quick workshop where everyone wrote down on post-it’s what they would like to get improved. Then we went through them one by one and categorized them.

Who came to the meeting

There were representatives from multiple companies present at the meeting:

  • OpenZeppelin
  • 0x
  • Nomic Labs
  • Alethio
  • Infura
  • Decenter
  • Status
  • Tenderly
  • Ethereum Foundation

Each of the participants brought professional knowledge, which helped drive the discussions productively.

What we tried to accomplish

The idea behind this ring meeting was to bring like-minded people into the same room and come up with action items that can be delivered until the next ring meeting.

Action items

  • Learning portal
  • FEM ring standards
  • Debugging info
  • Use the attached table to see who is already tackling the discussed problems

Learning Portal

The Learning Portal is something that is needed to onboard new developers and help existing developers be productive.

FEM ring standards

We thought that the Development Tools Ring could be like a testing ground for possible future EIPs.

Debugging info

Come up with a “task force” that can come up with a way to consolidate debugging information from all of the current and future tools, so new debugging tools can be built on top of that foundation.

Use the attached table to see who is already tackling the discussed problems

Some of the issues mentioned are already addressed in the ecosystem, and we should see how can we enable those teams to be as productive as possible


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