Feedback & help wanted: Council of Berlin - raw video, Viewly descriptions and titles, still photos, licensing

Hi all – I believe I have all of the videos uploaded (I need to double check with the source video I have).

See the Viewl.y channel for the list:

Review Videos & Post Titles / Descriptions

I know some are missing titles and description of the actual content. Only I have access to edit that right now, it would be helpful if people could view them and post titles / descriptions here as content so I can update them.

I have created a permanent record of the agenda with links to notes and discussion forums in the Scrolls wiki – it’s not fully complete, so please do edit and flesh it out.

I have a draft wrap up post for Monday where I’ll be more “officially” sharing all that, but it’s up now.

Raw Video Footage - Please Download

There is a bunch of raw footage and still photos here -

I am on a slow connection. I ask that people download the video somewhere so Anton can free up the space in his Dropbox.

Can we put these on IPFS? I may be able to get the Viewly guys to bulk upload them? cc @tomislavmamic

Still Photos - Making a Gallery

I have some still photos I took myself, and then Anton the camera operator from the video crew sent me a link with a great set of people portraits (included in Dropbox link above). I think @mattlock stuck some on Google Photos somewhere. I downloaded the stills already.

Back in the day, we used Flickr / Flickr Groups, which has the advantage of some great tagging and choice of license.

But, it’s yet another service and one where we don’t control the domain.

I may experiment with uploading them via IPFS, but I’m unclear how to keep them pinned and/or accessible via a web gateway. Thoughts?


I’d like to make all content and footage CC-BY-NC. I usually prefer CC-BY as the most open, but I kind of want a shield against commercial entities using it. Of course, we’re not watermarking it or doing anything with it, so…

Any thoughts on licensing?

For all of this, ideally it’s a pattern we can follow going forward for events – I say pattern, because experimentation is good too! But it would be great to start preserving our history now with raw files and documentation.

@Boris, I have copied the videos into my own Dropbox. Soon, I’ll find a way to get these onto S3 or other shared storage.

Eventually, I hope that it will all be on Swarm :slight_smile:

Thanks @jpitts.

This is a task for “someone” in the community to take on. IPFS is here today, would be great to use this an experiment. But not by you :wink:

I will see what Viewly team can do here.

@jpitts just realized this may not be correct. Specifically, the raw footage in Dropbox needs copying

I am not concerned about the Viewly videos – I have the source files as well both on my computer and an SD Card.

Can you confirm that you downloaded the Dropbox source please (or someone else can beat Jamie to it!) – then Anton can remove them from his DB account. Thanks!

I have these in my Dropbox, they are “copied” into my account so if the originals get deleted, I will still retain mine. I see that they take up much more space, 100s of Gb more.

We might also confirm by first deleting the photos.

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@tomislavmamic I was looking for the whitepaper, could you link to that here, or an overview of the system? I was impressed with the service so am curious how it fits into the greater ecosystem.

Yep, should be good. I’ll ask Anton to check. Thanks!

3rd Video in 1st Row titled FEM Council of Berlin… this is the Login, Identity & Wallets session which concludes with an affirmation toward a working group (name not determined).

It begins at 8 minutes in, after your introduction and overview and some video crowd surfing. A lively discussion ensues, with some key points surfacing such as questioning the reintroduction of trust by Maria from Golem at 17:32 after some musing that led to discussion of recovery mechanisms with Jarad of Status.

There’s a reference to UPorts White Paper, I think this is the link for that?

A nice redirect again back to the triumvirate of Wallets, Identities & Logins at 32:10 Boris…

There’s a reference at 39:40 to something I cannot make out but would like to look into if anyone can clarify what that is, maybe it’s in notes or check with the speaker whom I could not identify.

Some cool exchanges about Entities & Identities, Attention Paid / Acclaim / A Claim, Proof of Attention, Horizontal and Vertical Relevance context… then 15 minutes of wrapping up :wink:

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2nd row / 2nd column video titled FEM Council of Berlin… this is the Social Scalability and Wealth Distribution session opened by Lane Rettig then rearranged into a circle for round table discussion at 4:30 :slight_smile:

Note that while the topic is to address ‘people’ problems, it is focused on tech initiatives that can be done under the umbrella of FEM.

Thanks! Much appreciated, especially the mini-transcript!

@tomislavmamic can the player link to time-codes? Would be super useful.

Happy to share my notes, I’m reviewing anyway! I love seeing that the room stayed in a circle for Day 2 :heart:

This one is introduced as ‘Education’ … I’m just getting started on it now.

One more @tomislavmamic question – can the source videos be accessible from Viewly?

cc @AdeolaOST – I have the source videos on my laptop right now, so if you post / DM me what you want I can get it to you if not availably from Viewly.

@boris - Thanks! I’d love the download for this video:

Sorry guys for late reply.

@boris I have copied files to my Google Drive.
Viewly doesn’t use IPFS. We switched to AWS in February after experiencing difficulties with it.
We are hoping to store everything on a decentralized service once there is a reliable one.

Linking time-codes, probably yes, will let you know.
Access to source videos, not at the moment.

@jpitts Viewly, doesn’t have a whitepaper. For more info about the system, you can check out or We are more focused on finding a product-market-fit at the moment and less so on adding new features and technology. It would be awesome if you could share some of your ideas on how Viewly could fit better in Ethereum ecosystem and Web3 future. This is what I am mostly focused on right now, so any help is more than welcome.
Do you have any particular questions?

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No questions in particular, but will keep an eye on your work! I’m glad to see a video sharing solution with a commitment to decentralization.

Completely Open Source Album of Photos and Videos from FEM Council of Berlin

Awesome! Add the link to the wiki, please -->

I ended up committing all the still images to the Berlin Council repo and making an image gallery

One of my learnings is that making an entire Jekyll site was overkill – but that having scattered forum posts wasn’t good either. The scrolls repo – which we just use for the wiki right now – could be modified to easily show events.

I remember that nodeschool had chapters. Rather than chapters, I’m going to try something similar for events. I’ll be doing it in a fork and doing a demo, I’ll announce this in a separate thread when I have a first draft up and running.

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