Events Playbook wiki page

OK, I did an initial pass at doing an Events Playbook

I know that @fubuloubu is going to be doing the first Smart Contract Security Ring event next to ETHBerlin, so we’ll see how that goes and learn from it.

Here also our retrospective notes -

Note that I also kicked off using GitHub projects to help with Council planning


@boris - Just relooked at these docs. Great stuff! I’ll be trying to take some of this forward for the Prauge Council meeting. Two quick things:

  1. Do you have the updated budget doc example?
  2. Did you take pictures from the Berlin Council meeting of the final agenda? Will be helpful for seeing how the day was structured and how we take this forward

@fubuloubu - Would love to get your notes from the Security Ring event as well if you have them

The one we just had in Berlin?

Yep, that would be helpful!

We will produce a write-up and post videos in the coming weeks. We have to do a lot of writing and editing of the video first.

Cool! No worries, just putting it on the radar. Anything you can share on planning docs are appreciated too!