Ethereum yellowpaper metathread

Hey everyone, I am currently working in updating the yellowpaper to more current specifications, so far this are the EIPS I am including in it


EIP-1559: Fee market change for ETH 1.0 chain
EIP-3198: BASEFEE opcode
EIP-3529: Reduction in refunds
EIP-3541: Reject new contracts starting with the 0xEF byte
EIP-3554: Difficulty Bomb Delay to December 1st 2021

Gray Glacier

EIP-5133: Delaying Difficulty Bomb to mid-September 2022


EIP-3675: Upgrade consensus to Proof-of-Stake
EIP-4399: Supplant DIFFICULTY opcode with PREVRANDAO


EIP-3855: PUSH0 instruction
EIP-3860: Limit and meter initcode
EIP-4895: Beacon chain push withdrawals as operations
EIP-6049: Deprecate SELFDESTRUCT

Also, there are some mismatches between the yellowpaper and the specifications, EIP684 was born aout of it. What I want to know from you is, what changes/additions/subtractions would you make in the yellowpaper?

Also, this threat itself is an attempt to organize efforts in this front, I’m open to suggestions


One suggestion I would like to make is to have one yellowpaper for consensus layer and another one for execution layer, let me know what everyone thinks

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Nice idea. Separate papers could allow for more accurate and up-to-date documentation of each layer, reducing discrepancies and confusion.

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Another reason I want to do that is because other chains tend to change the consensus and keep the execution mostly the same, this way this yellowpaper-EL could still be useful for more than Ethereum

Great idea! Let me know if I can help!

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Let me know if I can help too!

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Finnaly got to some writing,
my modifications can be found at GitHub - RenanSouza2/yellowpaper at ravamp/1559, as the branch name says I am first doing EIP 1559,

Any suggestions or remarks are appreciated :slight_smile: