Ethereum Magicians Remote Hackathon!


I will be there as well! @codydjango how about you?


No plans to leave Vancouver, for the near future :frowning:


So should we plan for a call sometime next week @codydjango @gichiba?


Sounds good to me. My schedule is very flexible at the moment, so feel free to book something at your leisure :slight_smile:


Yeah, that sounds good to me! Currently based in London, so the timezone shift entails morning West Coast, afternoon Europe


@codydjango @gichiba how about Monday at 2 EST?


Sorry about the delay. Monday morning works, but Tuesday or Wednesday would be better fit.


Also sorry for the (even longer) delay!

Wednesday would be much better for me.


No worries! Does Wednesday at 2pm work?


Works for me. I’ll just need to know where to sign on


Sorry can we do 3pm? Maybe we can start a telegram or riot group to coordinate? I am @aidanh.


3’s good, and telegram works. I’m codydjango.


Yeah, I don’t have ETHMagicians notifications so prolly better to coordinate there! I’m @gichiba on telegram

Also 3pm tomorrow works for me!


having trouble finding you @codydjango, do you mind adding both of us?


Hmmm we seem to have missed the mark on this one… I’m unfortunately not going to be free in a EST-friendly time until early next week. Maybe it’d be better to brainstorm a bit more asynchronously and then call?


I’ve added you both in a telegram group. No worries @gichiba, join in when you can :slight_smile:


Hey @codydjango could you add me to telegram group as well please?