Ethereum 2.0 Upgrade Process

Shasper is coming, in whatever form it takes.

Things are changing daily, but I think the only thing that we can count on is that Ethereum 2.0 will be a separate chain or set of chains from the current Ethereum mainnet. I know there have been some proposals on how this upgrade process might look like, it’s been discussed before. I think the new innovation that has to come is a good plan for what the upgrade process looks like, and how that is communicated to the group.

Some parts of what I vaguely remember:

  1. ETH on 1.0 can be upgraded to 2.0 via a locking contract to become a validator on the new chain.
    a. There is some cool stuff we can do with that. Those wishing to be validators can offer a premium for buying the ETH over the current price to convince new people to join via some atomic swap mechanism.
    b. Or that swap mechanism is just built into the protocol somehow
  2. Dapp Developers will be asked to move over to the new chain at their conveinence up to some adoption date.
    a. Does this mean some early dapps will have to support 2 different chains? How does this look for UX?
    b. Some apps that have issues supporting hard forks (MakerDAO for example) will have to manage their process in whatever way makes sense to them e.g. liquidation of assets on the older chain and building assets on the new one.

I’m sure there are other things, but it would be nice to see a well thought out community plan for how this works next steps. Nothing would be worse than having the tech working and then having no plan to communicate to developers and users how to adopt to it.