ETH Station upcoming event in Berlin [call for action]

We are going to host another event in Berlin during ETH Berlin and Blockchain week!

When, Where

Kicking off whole blockchain week, we will host our event on September 11 at 12pm and will end around 6pm at the most cyberpunk friendly venue c-base where we hosted our event back in Summer 2018!
Thank you to @ligi for helping us get the most amazing venue :slight_smile:


For topics we are keeping it pretty open and would love to get you involved in this process!
So far on the agenda is Soulbound token session with @TimDaub and @ra-phael

Please let us know which topics you would like to talk about, join discussions, fishbowls by leaving comment under this thread!


Are live! Make sure to RSVP here

Devcon Ticket Giveaway

We are going to give away one free ticket to Devcon, the biggest Ethereum Conference happening October 11th → 14th in Bogotá, Columbia! This is general admission ticket, which will allow you to attend the conference.

Terms and Conditions:

  • To enter Devcon ticket giveaway you must be present at the event in person
  • You must enter your email address and nick name to dedicated place at the event (this will most likely be physical)
  • Devcon ticket winner will be picked randomly by our staff and announced during the event
  • The ticket winner will be contacted via email afterwards and will receive Devcon ticket in digital way via email
  • Devcon ticket is non transferable

We highly encourage to support this community effort by donating to the Ethereum Magicians ✨ | Grants | Gitcoin

We will edit this post with more updates over time.

Yours Ops Team


I’d gladly join discussions about these topics:

  • the EL’s relationship with Flashbots in a world of zealous over-compliance
  • the Scourge – how the burning of centralized stake (liquid staking derivative protocols, staking providers, etc.) would look like

I’m open to chat about smart contract modularity!


I’m happy to come and move forward light client EIPs and other general EVM improvement proposals. Two I’ve got stake in myself are:

Gather for an EIP: Useful Bit manipulation instructions @chfast

@zemse @spalladino

If one of you guys is there we could actually do make some progress in person there.

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tagging @tjayrush if he would like to join / collaborate on the Gather for an EIP: Useful Bit manipulation instructions session

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I’m happy to talk about the scaling of node infrastructure to meet high speed chain requirements and the coming millions of new users (hopefully)


some kinda very useful token standard this is