ERC-<TBA> Contract Metadata -> merged w/ ERC-7572


A standard for exposing an interface describing a contract, main goal is to achieve backward compatibility and drive adoption and forward extension


interface ERC-DESC {
  contractURI() public view returns(string);
// A subset of 
// and 
  "name": "<contract name>",
  "description": "<contract description>",
  "image": "<imageURL>"


  1. compatible with which are used by major search engines’ indexing and OpenGraph, good for SEOs and future adoption
  2. compatible with OpenSea, good for crypto adoption.

We have already proposed ERC-7572: Contract-level metadata via `contractURI()`, looks like your proposal is similar/the same, if you have any suggestions please feel free to comment in that thread.

Hi @ryanio, thanks for bringing to my attention for ERC-7572. That sounds good. Happy to converge to yours if we share the same goal and same design philosophy.

Everyone reading this ERC proposal, please join discussion here ERC-7572: Contract-level metadata via contractURI()

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