ERC-7628:ERC-721 Ownership Shares Extension


This extension defines an interface that adds balance functionalities to ERC-721 tokens, enabling functions and events for balance querying, transfer, and approval akin to ERC-20 tokens.


Some NFTs require defining shares of a corresponding right for each token, such as ownership stakes in a company. Each token holder can be considered a shareholder of this right and they wish to be able to conveniently query and trade these shares. However, the current ERC-721 standard lacks built-in support for token balances, leading to difficulties and limitations in managing and trading these rights. By introducing balance functionalities akin to ERC-20, we can provide a universal solution for ERC-721 tokens, enabling holders to easily query and trade their corresponding shares of rights, thereby fostering broader adoption and circulation of NFTs.

Impressive. Implementing access control through smart contracts on the blockchain ensures decentralized and tamper-resistant authorization, reducing reliance on centralized entities and mitigating single points of failure.

Why is this needed when 1155, 6551, and 7590 already exist? What problem does it solve that those do not?

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I have renamed the proposal to ‘ERC-721 Ownership Shares Extension’, which better aligns with the motivation.

The proposal aims to find a middle ground between ERC-721 and ERC-1155. While ERC-1155 can represent the share of an asset held by a particular address, tokens lack uniqueness. On the other hand, ERC-721 provides uniqueness for each token, but they lack attributes to represent the share of an asset.

Both 6551 and 7590 are mapped to other token assets. I think it would be more straightforward to simply add an additional attribute.