ERC-7575: Partial And Extended ERC-4626 Vaults

See ERC-7575: Partial and extended ERC-4626 implementations by Joeysantoro · Pull Request #157 · ethereum/ERCs · GitHub for the most up to date draft


The following standard adapts ERC-4626 into several modular components which can be used in isolation or combination to unlock new use cases.

New functionality includes multiple assets or entry points for the same share token, conversions between arbitrary tokens, and implementations which use partial entry/exit flows from ERC-4626.

This standard adds nomenclature for the different components/interfaces of the base ERC-4626 standard including ERC7575MinimalVaultInterface and an interface for each entry/exit function.

It adds a new share method to allow the ERC-20 dependency to be externalized.

Lastly, it enforces ERC-165 support for Vaults.

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