EIP2537 (BLS12 precompile) discussion thread

Reference thread from the EIP itself.


Doing a testing pass:

  • First, can you provide a test vector for pairings where in the pairing contract “Any of G1 or G2 points are not in the correct subgroup” is triggered? All the test vectors are happy path. Not on G1 or G2 is trivial to produce, subgroup is a bit more involved. This will be needed for reference tests.
  • Second, does the padded space need to be zeros only? i.e. is ff00000000000000000000000000000012196c5a43d69224d8713389285f26b98f86ee910ab3dd668e413738282003cc5b7357af9a7af54bb713d62255e80f560000000000000000000000000000000006ba8102bfbeea4416b710c73e8cce3032c31c6269c44906f8ac4f7874ce99fb17559992486528963884ce429a992fee a valid G1 point for the contract? (the first set of zeros has junk data in it)