#EIP0: Ethereum "Project Management" Governance


Architect can be joined with another term in order to re-cast it to better represent the role that you are trying to convey @Ethernian. Examples include “DevOps”, “Design Ops”, “UX Researcher”.

Perhaps “Ecosystem Architect”?


Community operations?


Name of “Ethereum Architect” is already public. Therefore the change request should be publicly accepted.

Personally, I would not start to change the name before real work begins. If we’ll see the name doesn’t fit the real work and some poll will make it clear, then there is no problem to change it.


Good point! There were and still are doubts about the use of “Council” w/ Magicians’ gatherings. Still, it is important to learn about where people may have misunderstandings due to terminology.


An Enterprise Architect or Architecture Astronaut are both terms that you can Google to find negative descriptions.

Typically denotes people who talk a lot but haven’t been in the trenches actually building & shipping.

Sometimes also denotes over engineering or premature planning, rather than building small experiments to learn from.

Just wanted to share some things that are used in North America.


we should surely revise it mid-term.
Nevertheless I have bad feeling to push a discussion about it right now because it should be a secondary topic not the only one. The work should go 1st.

Anyway, everybody can start a discussion about name change at any time.


What about Design Wizards?

Or Management Mages? ManaMages

I cast “Knowledge Transfer” to give your project +5 colloboration!


“Knowledge Transfer” is a good approach indeed, even it is only a partial aspect…
In this case we should think if there any difference to Ring Education.

I would discuss it in Prague.


Disagree with that:

This is not requirement of the leaders. Their goal is to organize productive and effective collaboration of people while product development process. They should decide which direction should developed project to move in. The only requirements are to be competent enough to see perspective and to set clear goals.