EIP: Idea : debtChain

Hello all,

Have an idea around, kind of a debtChain ~ EIP/standard or protocol, where we’d incorporate transitive relations in maths, in debt and collection scenarios via building trust in such way: bypassing the middle debtor.

– from wikipedia

In mathematics, a relation R on a set X is transitive, 
if for all elements a, b, c in X, whenever 
R relates a to b and b to c, 
then R also relates a to c.

Each partial order as well as each equivalence relation
needs to be transitive.

Let’s say Alice owes to Bob, and Bob owes to Susan.

When Alice wants to payback, can do it directly to Susan, bypassing Bob, and requiring no extra effort to Bob, except an initial consent on being part of such transitivity on blockchain.

As Bob secures potential future collections, in fact Alice becomes one of those potential partials in Bob’s pool, for Susan and others to collect from what Bob owe to.

My concern, and need for improvement, is around assuring a person not giving up their universal, basic needs.

Maybe the amount that Alice sends, should first check if Bob will be able to pay their rent, food, pocket money, etc… needs, then complete the transaction.

If real-time is not desired, could just send it to an account where Bob’s such accumulations are staked in the collectors’ name, for the future transactions, eg. when total amount is made.

  • let me know how and when one numbers a potential EIP or a focused work/stuff like this :slight_smile:

bests, in peace