EIP-956: Revised process for EIP drafts

@Arachnid proposed a revised process today. Magicians, please review and comment!

“This proposal serves to describe more clearly the present process for acceptance and implementation of Core EIPs, while also proposing a more concrete process for non-core EIPs. This serves to alleviate EIP editor workload in cases where manual approval is not necessary, and ensures that outstanding pull requests will all represent work required by the editors, making it easier to identify what actions are required, and making the approval process more transparent to users.”


Concerns that need to get resolved.
(We can create new topics for these if necessary.)

  • For Standards Track Non-Core EIPs, the current EIP states that only one implementation is needed for the author to request a final call on the EIP. There are objections, pointing out that standards should require more than one implementation to be considered final. See the discussion.

There is a lot of work done on this Meta EIP; we should take a close look at the proposal as the process will change.


I turned the first post into a editable wiki. We can put unanswered questions and TODOs there in order to get this EIP ready.

I edited the post.

@Arachnid and @jamesray1: I’m not sure what is going on, but I keep getting a timeout error on GitHub for the EIP-956 pull page. It has been happening intermittently over the last two days. Are others seeing this?

I saw it fine yesterday and just now.

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