EIP-665: Ed25519 Signature Verification

Discussion for the addition of edDSA precompiles (ed25519 curve). Along with efficient computations, ed25519 being schnorr based provides:

  • MPC friendlyness (while MPC-ECDSA schemes suffer many vulnerabilities, Musig2 remains untouched)
  • zk friendlyness
  • WebAuthn compatibility, enabling use of passkeys with account abstraction powered by EIP4337.
    Latest modifications include a mulmuladd operation performing the operation u.P+vQ, enabling to select the hash function used outside of the precompile.

It’s an exciting development to further expanding the possibilities for privacy-preserving transactions and applications on the blockchain.

+1, I personally think that bringing ed15519 on Ethereum would allow more efficient computations.

It would allow zkRollups based on edDSA in a near future.