EIP-5585: ERC-721 NFT Authorization【Review】

I am just wandering why the user needs to know the rights of NFT owners? Is it for the user to know what rights the owner can authorize to him? But if the owner does not have such a right, he cannot make it anyway, is that correct?

Yes, you said it. Everyone may need to know all the rights of a NFT in real commercial situations. And the owner of NFT cannot authorize a user with a non-existing right, that is for sure.

According the feedback of our community, we consider to remove the STAKING related interface, which should be introduced by the business layer and keep our protocol simple.
Any suggestions would be welcome!

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions of our community, the EIP-5585 has moved to review. We wish more people could join us to improve it.

Sounds good, staking function should be introduced by the up layer, which determines whether the authorization is revocable.

This protocol is useful, and i specifically wrote an introduction to eip-5585