EIP-5573: SIWE CapGrok

Discussion on EIP-5573: a mechanism on top of Sign-In With Ethereum for informed consent to delegate capabilities with an extensible scope mechanism.

PR here: https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/pull/5573


Can this be modified so that it is calling its own personal_sign_swie method, probaly not that method name though, so we can both enforce the data structure and so that, from the extension level, the request could be modified to represent the contract wallet if one is in place?

Can you elaborate what you mean by “calling its own personal_sign_siwe method”? The spec is fully personal_sign and SIWE compliant which means it uses the same data structure, same JSON RPC signing methods.

Its not about it not being compliant. Its about this being compatible with ERC 4337 account abstraction adding in separate sign where the form is further conscribed would allow for the extension simply modify the request via injecting the correct address for the SIWE request.