EIP-5528: Refundable Fungible Token


Realtize is passionate about change at their core. They are creating a revolutionary alternative to traditional financial institutions by connecting global citizens with easy-to-use wallets. Realtize is more than a Team of trailblazers. Realtize is the future of finance for emerging markets.The EIP-5528 has been developed from longstanding ideas to evolve the cryptocurrency’s functionalities. Kudos to the Devs for this Great stride.

As an individual who has been working within the crypto finance industry for years. I’d appreciate this EIP-5528 protocol a lot, everyday million dollar of funds are either send to wrong wallet or get fraud by dishonest party, Realtize is definitely bringing a positive impact into the crypto finance space preventing those non-transparent transactions.

Realtize is really giving us the amount of security we want when we talk about an investment platform. The team are constantly coming up with unseen ideas and strategies to better the experience of investors.

This is absolutely crazy! Can you imagine how this is going to revolutionize the crypto industry as a whole!? Investors are going to be guaranteed the safety of their funds and hopefully nobody will ever suffer with anything anymore!

Unprecedented protocol,

can’t wait to see that!!

It is unfortunate that the vulnerability of the escrow condition cannot be verified.
Nevertheless, this EIP sounds very necessary and very attractive.

I strongly support this EIP!

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Realtize, there is a purpose, vision, and mission that prioritises the people, and we believe Realtize has the potential to shape the future of finance and improve global transactions - beginning in the Middle East.
The EIP- 5528 along with this paper, will continue to evolve. In the spirit of creative destruction, they plan to change the face of finance together with our community.

so security to our investmentments, to the moon. keep our asset safe

During a bear market, you wouldn’t want your hard earned cash to vanish when you are doing investments.

That is why you need a protocol like #EIP5528.

This is a tech that protects you from rug pulls and scams, by refunding you under the right conditions.


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Startfund with its revolutionary EIP5528 protocol is going to take the investment space by storm. This protocol protects investors and users from potential rug pulls and scams so users and investors no longer have to fear their invested funds from vanishing.

If crypto and investment space were to adopt this technology in the future, this space is going to be VERY different and innovative!

The idea of Startfund with EIP5528 is refreshing one because the investors wont have to worry about disappearance of funds or whatever terms like rugpull etc.

With the Rising effects of Rug pulls that is taking place on a daily basis in the industry and for cryptocurrency projects to grow at the rate they need to and convince the world that they’re big enough and strong enough to be adopted then the EIP 5528 protocol is the key to protecting investor’s and assuring them that funds are safe and secured irrespective of any future challenge’s that may hit any project they belong too. I just hope this innovation is adopted.

The conceptual idea of bridging the physical and web3 is in itself one to applaud. We should consider that a large percentage of the world are still old-timers skeptical of the blockchain much more web3. But with projects like Startfund filling the gap between the norm and the revolutionary, these people have a chance to invest. Startfund isn’t just providing financial security and access to wealth. It is in its unique way selling online literacy and financial comfort.

So cool.Very interesting protocol, hopefully it will give people a sense of security when they invest in eth.Very interesting idea.

EIP-5528 standards?..Amazinig development if I must confess,Hearing of it at the first time,sounds to good 2b true then took my time doing my findings&research turns out Real…

Talking of EIP-5528 Awesome development in the crypto space indeed,finally comes a platform which guarantees refund meeting d developer t&c fr refund…that’s what every trader wants…minimizing every possible risk&a genuine promise of fortune,refund…these is truly d future everyone is been talking about.

So interesting protocol!!!!!

I don’t think 5528 is just trying to stand out from the crowd of crypto investors. But can bring more traditional users to come into this world isn’t it?