EIP-4910: Royalty Bearing NFTs

@AKAdwalou I am hoping soon. I need to follow up with the editors. I think all comments have been answered. I will let you know. Apologies for the very late response. If you want to look at a reference implementation of 4910, you can find it here

Any author can open a pull request to move the proposal through the statuses whenever they feel the proposal is ready.

@SamWilsn greatly appreciate the info. Will do so.

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Hi @highlander, congrats on making to last call.

I like the idea of ERC-4910!

We recently started a #AllERCDevs a regular meeting for ERC Authors and dApp builders to come together, show what they propose and invite other builders to build upon each other to drive adoptions. I wonder if you would be interested in giving a 5min brief intro in the upcoming sessions? The upcoming one would be on June 1st [Current] Agenda for 2nd AllERCDevs (EU/US Friendly) 2023-06-01 UTC1500 · Issue #2 · ercref/AllERCDevs · GitHub which is EU/US time friendly and if it doesn’t work, the one after it would be on June 13th which is Asia/US time friendly. Let me know if you would be interested to present by commenting on on the issue

@xinbenlv thank you so much for the invite and apologies for the super late reply. 4910 is now final btw.

Will try to attend one of the upcoming meetings.

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