EIP-4844: Shard Blob Transactions

class ECDSASignature(Container):
    y_parity: boolean
    r: uint256
    s: uint256

Nice to see that the new transaction format replaces the RLP transaction encoding with SSZ and moves chain_id to be a field allowing for using boolean for `y_parity.

There’s potential for some optimisation here at the expensive of some clarity: EIP-2098: Compact Signature Representation

Was this discussed yet?

Edit: the parity field seems to have a 1 byte overhead so this is neglible.

intrinsic_gas = 20000  # G_transaction, previously 21000

If the intent is to change G_transaction from 21000 to 20000 that should be a separate EIP that includes rationale for the change just like every other gas cost change.

If the intent is to have this specific transaction type have a different intrinsic cost from other transactions then this EIP should include rationale on why these transactions have a lower base operational overhead than other types of transactions.

If the intent is to try to incentivize certain behaviors, we should not be hijacking our operational cost pricing mechanism to try to achieve that.

Went ahead and reverted that change: fix(4844): leave G_transaction at 21000 by gakonst · Pull Request #5636 · ethereum/EIPs · GitHub

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Great proposal! Quick question, @protolambda , why does the signature cover the blob-data, instead of only covering the commitment(s) to the blob-data? It seems that for Danksharding, validators will not be receiving all of the blobs (only the commitments), yet they’ll still have to verify the signatures.