EIP-4844: Shard Blob Transactions - Shanghai Candidate

EIP-4844 introduces Shard Blob Transactions.

Blob data would make a big impact to make Ethereum the central place to rollups by taking the first step towards danksharding: a vision where ethereum as L1 can host and attract a diverse set of L2s with much lower fees for ethereum L2 users.

Without this EIP in Shanghai, it may take another half year at best to roll out this change, due to overhead in client coordination and public testnets. This decision may have a significant long-term impact on the adoption of ethereum and ethereum L2s.

Nov 22 EIP-4844 shanghai candidate update:

  • No interactions with Shanghai EVM EIPs: the EIP adds one opcode to push a datahash onto the stack, and a precompile to verify data against the commitment.
  • Compatibility with Withdrawals: the EL and CL specs are based on top of the withdrawal work (EL, CL, Engine API)
  • EIP-4844 Spec completion:
    • We have iterated through EIP changes for 9 months, and the scope of changes reduced significantly over time
    • The EIP received review from most client implementer teams
    • Complementary CL specs and Engine API specs
  • EIP-4844 Testing:
    • There is an active interop repository
    • Devnets of increasing size and client participation (see devnet section)
    • Ongoing work to analyze network impact, but conservatively reduced back the blobs parameter for initial iteration.
  • EIP-4844 KZG-ceremony readiness:
  • EIP-4844 KZG library readiness:
  • EIP-4844 Devnet readiness:
    • Wide client devnet support:
      • EL: Erigon, Geth, Nethermind
      • CL: Prysm, Lighthouse, Lodestar
    • Targetting devnet v3 soon after ACD, on Nov. 30

Hi all - just wanted to share this blog post from Coinbase discussing our support for the EIP-4844 effort.


  • Following the Merge, EIP-4844 is an upcoming upgrade to Ethereum that will introduce data availability for rollups, leading to reduced fees and more transaction throughput
  • We see EIP-4844 as a key enabler for bringing our customers into the cryptoeconomy with a secure, easy to use experience that is faster and cheaper
  • We’ve been helping drive this effort alongside the Optimism and Ethereum Foundation teams, dedicating significant internal engineering resources to accelerate the work.
  • If you’re interested in contributing to the effort, you can see the open items in the EIP-4844 readiness checklist or join our next community call — both can be found at eip4844.com.

Really excited to continue scaling Ethereum with the broader community.


Thank you for sharing @jessepollak.
It’s so exciting to see so much progress and passion in the movement.