Discussion: ENS Login

At the Meta Cartel Demo Day ETH Magicians ENS discussion we presented an idea for an open standard for logging in with ENS. I’d like to open up the discussion here for further discussion. The idea was inspired by Universal Logins and Web3Connect.


ENS allows users to store data in a key value store associated with a given ENS name. To allow for a wallet agnostic login widget (example below), users can add urls to web3 providers in their ENS name’s key value store under keys such as “provider-mainnet”. In the widget users can enter their ENS name and click “log in”. The widget can then look up the appropriate provider URL in the ENS contract and then download the provider from that URL. The provider can then be passed to the dapp which will then instantiate web3 (or other alternatives) with the provider. (e.g. var web3 = Web3(provider)). As @danfinlay suggested here, a user could register different providers for each network. It was also suggested by @cmeisl that users could register different providers to be used on desktop vs mobile.

We plan to build a PoC (with @shane, @amxx, and @dobrokhvalov) for our ETHBerlin hack and then write up a draft of the standard but wanted to open up the discussion for ideas, suggestions, and concerns from the rest of the ETH Magicians community in the meantime.


Great stuff. Is it possible to already play with the ETH Berlin prototype you guys build?

I guess this requires making your preferred provider type public. That’s probably not a very big privacy/security issue, but is probably worth making clear on whatever interfaces are provided to help users declare their preferred client.

Hey guys, we’re working on a demo with iframes sandboxing wallet providers described here - https://gist.github.com/Dobrokhvalov/3e5294cdbd2c28ed175477a3aacb9987
Will share soon. Is anyone else working on a demo or something?

And I’ve recently stumbled on a relevant work, Kirby - https://blog.joincivil.com/kirby-and-the-birth-of-wall-apps-bd6ce396e229. Might be useful to check it out.

Hello. We had a small get together and here is the summary.

ENS Login meetup in Osaka


  • Makoto

  • Chris

  • Hadrien



Since then I started a “login with ethereum” react object.