DGOV 2018 - distributed governance conference in Athens (7-9.12.2018.)

Hi all, we are proposing for Fellowship to support the upcoming DGOV 2018 - the first conference on distributed governance. We hope to present it to you at Berlin Council.

DGOV 2018 will provide a meeting point for the distributed consensus technologists, policy-makers, academics and practitioners to learn and share experience in self-organised organisations.

It is a forum for interdisciplinary debate on the most pressing problems the world confronts nowadays and on problem solving capacity that new digital technologies offer.

Check it out:

Intro blog post: https://medium.com/@dgov.earth/introducing-dgov-2018-11f961fe7919
Website: https://dgov.earth
Public telegram group: t.me/dgov18
Reddit: /r/dgov
Twitter: @dgovearth

Reach out for details:
tomislav.mamic.st@gmail.com or
@Timotheus tim.bansemer@inblock.io

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